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The leading financial knowledge institute. To embark on or consolidate a professional career in banking and finance, keep abreast of ongoing new developments in the sector and establish links with projects in order to make financial knowledge available to all citizens.

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What we do


In all technical and practical aspects of banking and finance. With open courses (postgraduate, specialisation and seminars) and customised training for companies. With in-person, online or mixed sessions. For professional certifications, academic degree programmes or for updating credits.


Promoting activities and actions to disseminate financial knowledge and improve professionalism in the sector, fostering adaptation to technological or regulatory innovations. Through technical events, the Financial Dissemination Observatory (FDO), hands-on research, cooperation with universities, news media, associations, chambers of commerce and promoting professional excellence with the IEF Awards, taking part European Commission projects and being an active agent in initiatives to restore and strengthen the sector’s reputation.

Financial education

Also known as financial literacy. Projects that provide basic skills in personal finance, financial entrepreneurship and minimise financial exclusion. As an element that clearly promotes a society with financial skills and facilitates the adoption of personal financial decisions, empowering citizens and reducing episodes of financial fragility due to over-indebtedness, lack of savings and disorders related to personal and family budget management. The IEF coordinates actions and projects, usually through volunteers, for adolescents in secondary schools and universities, future micro-entrepreneurs, groups at risk of exclusion and professional schools and guilds.