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Institut d'Estudis Financers is a private foundation set up in 1990 by the most important financial institutions with the support of the government and the foundational objective of contributing to innovation, internationalisation and improvement in the financial sector through knowledge acquired by training professionals, dissemination and the promotion of financial skills among citizens.

The IEF holds the ISO 9001 and IQNet quality certifications and is the only Spanish member of the EBTN (the main European and international network of banking and financial training institutes).

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Our strengths



29 years dedicated exclusively to financial training and dissemination, at the highest international level and associated with the most prestigious entities in the sector.



The cornerstone of our activity is banking and financial knowledge. Through this knowledge, we proactively foster professionalism and improvement in financial services.



A complete and agile organisational structure allows us to adapt to the needs and business culture of each corporate client and the professional career objectives of individual clients. All the above is with the intention of permanently providing excellent, accessible, flexible training products and services.

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Mission statement

To offer excellent, innovative PRODUCTS/SERVICES focused on the training of PERSONS in the financial sector, including job offers (professionals) and demands (clients).


The IEF aims to be an INSTITUTE OF REFERENCE in financial training and disclosure by contributing to the EVOLUTION of the concept of finance in society.


A leader in financial training and disclosure, with full and exclusive dedication to financial knowledge and a proactive vision of improvement and transformation in the sector.


Committed to providing excellent services while also seeking excellence in our organisation and structure.


Anticipating changes and the evolution of the sector, analysing the disruptive elements that will transform financial services in future years.


For clients who are always unique, finding solutions related to training and the transmission of unique knowledge.


Close to our clients, adapting to their needs.


Constantly evolving, growing and improving.

The IEF was first established when the Spanish financial sector took its final step in the important transformation process it has undergone over the past 30 years.

Since its foundation, it has supported companies, professionals, regulatory and supervisory bodies in the radical changes taking place in the sector, and during the years of the financial crash, and the ensuing stabilisation and drastic adjustments in the sector.

Today, after overcoming the worst period of an extremely difficult crisis, the IEF, along with the rest of the sector, is now facing the need to combine its adaptation to the new situation with the preparation for the immediate transformation of the sector, which will be inevitable in the next few years.

The evolution of the financial sector has led some of the entities that founded the IEF in 1990 to merge and integrate with others, and so the list of current trustees has changed since its foundation. The Board is chaired by the General Secretariat of the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Economy and Treasury of Generalitat de Catalunya.

The entities currently represented on the IEF Board are:

  •     BBVA
  •     Caixabank
  •     Federación Catalana de Cajas de Ahorros
  •     Generalitat de Catalunya
  •     Instituto Catalán de Finanzas
  •     Sabadell
  •     Santander

The Institut d’Estudis Financers is the only Spanish member of the EBTN (European Banking and Financial Training Association), the main federation of entities that provide banking and financial training in Europe, the World Conference of Banking Institutes (WCBI) and the Global Banking Education Standards Board (GBESB), the main professional banking standards federation, and the Center for Research and European Studies – Future Business (CRES).

It is the only Spanish financial training institute that has played a full part in the European Commission’s Leonardo, Phare, Tacis and Erasmus + projects.

Within the scope of financial education, it is a member of the most relevant international financial education forums, such as the OECD International Network on Financial Education (ICEX) and the Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI).

In 2014 it became an active member of the Global Money Week and the European Money Week, and is a party to the Spanish Financial Education Plan. Within the scope of financial training, the Instituto de Estudios Financieros is currently implementing long-term training programmes in Latin America and has established alliances with entities from Canada, Egypt, Uruguay, Panama and Mexico, among others.


The training and disclosure activities of the Institut d'Estudis Financers has led it to establish relations with universities, entities and professional associations from the banking and financial sector.

EFPA España
EFPA Europa
European Banking & Financial Services Training Association
Col·legi Economistes de Catalunya
Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes
Agència Tributària de Catalunya
Finanzas para todos
International Network of Financial Education
Barcelona Centre Financier Europeu
Instituto BME
CRESfb (Center for Research and European Studies, Future Business)
Facultad Economía y Empresa de la URV
Club de gestion de riesgos de España

Beyond training

The Institut d'Estudis Financers also promotes activities with a more informative or expository purpose than that based strictly on training. These include the Financial Dissemination Observatory, the IEF Financial Excellence Awards and the different financial education projects targeted at society in general.

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  • Address: Av. Josep Tarradellas 123, Barcelona (08029)
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 8pm
  • Telephone: +34 93 412 44 31
  • Email: ief@iefweb.org