4 July 2019

Euroinvestment’s first steps: the Strategic plan for financial education of low-skilled adults in Europe is ready!


The Institute of Financial Studies (IEF), leading company and benchmark in Spain in financial training and dissemination, is carrying out, together with other partners, the Euroinvestment project that aims to improve skills in financial education for low-skilled adults in Europe between 18 and 55 years old, through a fun and interactive online game.

We are pleased to announce that the IEF has prepared the Strategic Plan , a base document for the development of the game, analyzing topics such as financial literacy in the European Union, different financial literacy games (worldwide), the different national competencies framework on financial education, surveys aimed at the target group of the game, focus group, and finally, needs have been identified and priorities to be taken into account for the development of the game.

Among the conclusions drawn from the surveys conducted, we can point out that certain incongruities have been found in the financial behavior of the three countries, since the majority of the respondents answered that they were in control of their financial situation, but, on the other hand, they recognize that finances are a source of great concern to them. Also, we can conclude that although they may have a perception of control and security with respect to their financial situation, it seems to be a false reality since at the moment of truth, finances are an issue that worries them excessively.

Inform that the full version is available in English, but there is a shorter version available in all the partners’ languages: Catalan, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese, as well as in English. Go to https://euroinvestment-project.eu/en/resources-a and take a look.

We are currently working on the development of the Euroinvestment game, ¡soon you will have news!