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Training at the IEF

Main activity derived from the central asset of IEF: financial knowledge. Training to optimise the exercise of the activity by the professionals of today and tomorrow in all areas of banking and finance.

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Why study at the IEF?

  • It adapts to your needs
  • Quality teaching staff
  • International certification
  • Financial specialisation
  • Teaching staff support
  • Upgrading in step with market innovations
  • Own training material

Personalised training

Specialisation, flexibility and cooperation

The Institut d'Estudis Financers works hand-in-hand with the most important financial institutions, implementing strategic solutions for their business challenges. Not only do we offer solutions that are flexible, specific and specially designed for each need and client, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the implemented programme, we also support our clients in the internal organisation of the programmes and planning, if this is required. The programmes include a combination of highly interactive sessions in the classroom, case discussions, practical exercises, support through the virtual campus, online sessions, etc., to motivate the students and allow them to make the most of their training and meet the client’s strategic objectives.

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Quality certifications

The IEF holds the ISO 9001 and IQNet quality certifications and is the only Spanish member of the EBTN (the main European and international network of banking and financial training institutes).

ISO 9001:2015
IQ Net