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Financial Education

The Institut d'Estudis Financers considers financial education a key element in promoting the consolidation of an informed and aware society that can foresee, plan and make appropriate financial decisions based on the personal or family objectives of each person.

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We are experts in

We are educators

The Institut d'Estudis Financers has 25 years’ experience in training more than 120,000 students. This training expertise allows us to offer every academic guarantee to beneficiaries of financial education, whether by training students directly or training educators, both teachers and volunteers.

Specialists in training volunteers

In recent years we have trained more than 2,000 volunteers to prepare them as financial education teachers.

The volunteers are trained in 3 basic aspects: academic issues, the contents of the programmes in which they will participate and the programme logistics.

This allows us to ensure that the professional volunteers enter the classrooms with sufficient preparation, as certified by the satisfaction surveys conducted in all the IEF’s financial education projects.

With every guarantee

We are experts in creating financial education materials for all groups, regardless of their age or economic capacity.

The financial education contents are prepared by professionals from the academic/teaching sector with the support of public entities and independent and interdisciplinary advisory committees, which allow us to guarantee the necessary rigour to train the different groups of citizens who benefit from our financial education programmes.

Constant innovation

The financial education contents developed by the Institut d'Estudis Financers are reviewed regularly by independent professionals for the incorporation of the recommendations and improvements we receive from the different participants in the project through satisfaction surveys conducted on each of the financial education projects of the IEF.

The materials are updated while also taking into consideration technological improvements, new developments in the financial sector and the needs that arise for each group benefiting from the different financial educational programmes.

Present in

The Institut d'Estudis Financers is a member of the most relevant international financial education forums, such as the OECD International Network on Financial Education (ICEX) and the Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI). It is also a member of the European Banking & Financial Services Training Association (EBTN) and an active member of the Financial Education Committee (FINLICO).

Our active participation in these knowledge centres of reference in financial education ensures we keep abreast of international developments and best practices in this area.

European projects

In the past we have taken part in two Financial Education projects (eFinLit and EFEP), within the framework of the Longlife Learning projects funded by the European Union.

These projects have enabled us to intervene as partners with collaborators from different countries, and we have had the opportunity to contribute our know-how and gain first hand experience in Europe.

Both projects have had an impact on our country, providing in-person and online training to young people and adults in basic personal finance.

We are currently taking part in the Euroinvestment project in which the objective is to develop an online financial education game for adults at risk of exclusion.

Unlimited scope

The Institut d'Estudis Financers has experience in developing, coordinating and implementing highly complex financial education projects. For instance, we manage the agendas of over 400 schools and 600 volunteers to set up 3,500 workshops in only 6 months.

We have a methodology and technical support that allow us to develop both pilot projects in a small region and projects with a large scope due to the number of participants and the region for which it is intended.

Specialised staff

We have a team of qualified professionals to respond to the challenges posed by logistics in financial education or social corporate responsibility projects with different stakeholders. We are able to organise a project in a few weeks, in all cases establishing the necessary cordial relations with beneficiaries, volunteers and suppliers. The team is satisfactorily assessed through regular surveys conducted in the imparted financial education programmes.

Synthesis of our products

Because we are pioneers in developing financial education programmes, download the summary of our experience to see its scope and find out more about us.

Synthesis of our products

In preparing its projects, the IEF takes into consideration the target audience, but always based on the same premise: helping participants make better financial decisions in the future.